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Surgical Procedures

Removal of decayed teeth, teeth not amenable to endodontic therapy, unrestorable teeth, teeth with untreatable periodontal disease, over retained deciduous teeth; healthy teeth to help correct malocclusion or for aesthetic or prosthodontic reasons.

Removal of partly erupted and unerupted teeth or retained roots that cannot be extracted by forceps technique and therefore must be removed by surgical excision.

Because the operative and post-operative complications are significantly reduced when the impacted 3rd molar is not pathologically involved and because surgical morbidity increases with age; prophylactic removal of impacted teeth are advised.

Periodontal Surgery
Includes those techniques used as a part of the treatment of periodontal disease. They are used to correct the defects caused by periodontal disease. The objective of periodontal surgery is to restore periodontal health.


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