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"This dental practice offers a skilled, respectful and comprehensive approach with every encounter. The dentistry is methodical and in-depth. Communication is ever-present, with immediate and patiently addressing questions and concerns as they arise."
Our family has received and always looks forward to receiving excellent clinical care, genuine compassion and interest in our well-being.
Milin Desai, Consultant,

"I am so thankful to Dr. Sairam and his team at Sai Dental Care Centre. They showed utmost care for not only my teeth, but for my comfort and peace of mind as well. I've always been deathly afraid of the dentist due to negative experiences in the past and had neglected going for way too long! However, after having such a positive experience with Dr. Sai, I will be sure to go regularly for my check-ups. His calls to see how I was doing after big appointments were a much-appreciated gesture of the concern these people have for their patients. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience!"
The entire staff are professional, qualified and they make it an excellent experience. I am very happy to choose sai dental care centre to have such major work performed. I would recommend Sai Dental Care Centre to my close friends.
Shijine Thomas, Senior Technical Analyst,
Dell In.

I would like to thank Dr. Sairam for an enjoyable & very satisfactory dental experience. Equipped with latest technology , I really appreciate the dentist's approach towards my dental needs and entire staff are professional and qualified, they make it an excellent experience. I am very happy to have chosen his clinic for my dental requirements. I would recommend Sai Dental Care Centre to my friends & Colleagues. Without a doubt the best dentist in Bangalore.
Soundar Rajan S Sr.Technical Analyst,
Dell India Pvt Ltd.

Sai dental care centre is well equipped with good infrastructure. Staff members are polite and pleasing, with wide range of consultants available. Sai dental care centre is one of the best options available for people seeking help for dental problems
Dr Usha Thyagaraj & Dr Thyagaraj,
Pushpa nursing home,

"I can't thank you enough for taking the time to treat my mom while she was in town.
You were such a life saver and the cost was so minimal! I know she really appreciated that. It is great to have people like you in our lives. You are so kind, thoughtful and helpful. Mom and I are both so thankful for all you do and have done and continue to do!
Thank you Dr Amitha and Dr Sai Ram.
Pooja Desai,
Home Maker.

I was received cordially and treated with utmost care when I visited Sai Dental care centre for my root canal treatment, which is one among the delicate treatments, handled so professionally to my fullest satisfaction.
R Manjula,
Manager,ARDC,HAL ,

I visited "Sai Dental Care Centre" several times & each time I was taken care like a special guest! The Dental-Medical instruments are very much up-to date & the clinic is really clean. Doctor's consultation is fabulous, they will tell you all the option & help you to choose the better option. Something goes without saying that treatment is very good. Above all, you can feel the trust & be relaxed during your first visit itself" . Thank you Dr. Sai.
Sujen Debnath,
Project Manager,
Sheorey Digital System Limited (Software Aviation).

I enjoyed the visits to Dr. Sairam's "Sai Dental Care Centre" located at Whitefield. Our family have been undergoing quality treatment from him for the last 5 yrs now. I had the occasion to visit the clinic 4 times and I was put totally at ease and relaxed. I was never exposed to any pushy sales pitch, just good sound advise and a very caring and professional treatment process. I was clearly informed of my treatment options and was always given every consideration regarding my comfort and my budget.Very happy indeed with the treatment and the manner we were treated . We highly recommend him
Partha J Bhattacharjee,
IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

An ardent search ended in Whitefield when I stepped into Sai Dental Care Centre about two and a half years ago. I had travelled to India after an initial treatment done on my broken tooth in South America. I had to complete a root canal treatment upon arrival. As my initial disposition was to find a suitable Clinic and Doctor to work on this, I went to the Sai Dental Care Clinic to find out if this is the place for me. My first meeting with Dr.Sairam and the staff members in the Clinic was enough for me to say "Ya this is it". Why look for another place? And I was not wrong. This Clinic provides excellent service and is well-equipped with all the facilities needed for dental treatment. The follow up after treatment is the hallmark of this Clinic. The Doctors see to it that they have attended to the patient well and have tried to solve their problems. Treatment is not all but there is a lot of advice given as to how one should take care of their future dental needs at home and hence avoid further problems. I could be asked thus: How can I be writing such a testimonial with assertion after just one treatment in the Clinic? Well I had to go back to the Clinic again after a couple of years to review my previous treatment and I also needed some fillings. I was very satisfied with my initial treatment in this Clinic that I returned back to the same Clinic even though I had many choices in Whitfield. So this says something."Yes it is one of the best places for dental treatment". And listen to this people "The Doctor does not charge for your first Visit!!!!!!." Yes you have heard that right. Am I wrong Dr. Sairam? As I understand I was charged only after a treatment was given. So if it happens to be your only visit where the treatment is also given then the case is different! In short the patient visiting this clinic pays for a Holistic treatment. My Best wishes to the Doctors in Sai dental Care Centre. Continue to do the good work you are doing.
Ramesh Vanan.A,
Student in University of London,

"Dr. Sai and his staff were wonderful in dental treatment. They made it very comfortable for me even though they were working on my lower last tooth, which was difficult for them :-). Dr. Sai was quick and efficient and took away my fear of going to the dentist. Thanking the whole team for the extra care; I recommend him highly.
Sreedhar Pradeep (GE Transportation)

Thank you for your wonderful and skilled dental treatment during my visit to India. It was truly a pleasure to receive dental treatment in your hospital with affordable prices and with such a wonderful, cheerful, and professional staff. I was genuinely impressed by my treatment, visit after visit.
Thanks again.
Anil kumar
Software Engineer,

The dentists at Sai Dental are very professional. I went there for root canal and wisdom tooth removal, the doctors were very kind and friendly. We are from Kundalahalli and every week we go all the way to Whitefield for treatment .So it has become a weekend outing for my daughter We are very much satisfied with their service and treatment. The consultation fee is also nominal. We would surely refer our friends to them.
Jaanu Senthil


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